Lebara Netherlands offers 50% off for 6 months with new Sim Only contracts

Six months half price: 5 GB + unlimited calling for € 5

Lebara Netherlands is offering a 50 percent discount for the first six months on new two-year, Sim-only contracts. The MVNO is also waiving the one-time connection fee under the promotion. lebara netherlands sim only


24 months

Now 50% discount for six months! Valid with any 24-month Sim Only plan.

Your subscription starts as soon as you activate your SIM card After 24 months, your subscription will automatically turn into a monthly rolling subscription.


Monthly rolling subscription

A monthly rolling subscription keeps things nice and flexible for you. Your subscription renews automatically each month, and you can cancel any time with a 1-month notice. It costs just €1 more each month than a regular subscription. Want to save even more? Switch now to a 2-year subscription with no connection fees.


Start date

You can activate your subscription whenever you want. Did you request to keep your old number? If so, then please wait until the day your number is transferred before activating your subscription.


Modifying your bundle

You can increase or decrease your bundle each month. It’s free of charge and super easy.


Out-of-bundle rates

After you’ve used all your bundle, the following rates apply to any additional services you use:

– €0.09 per minute/ € 0,12 per SMS

– €0.01 per MB of data

Do you make a lot of calls outside your bundle? You can make up to €10 in out-of-bundle calls. This keeps your out-of-bundle costs to a minimum. Tip: Top up your credit when you have used all your bundle to keep making calls and texting at the lowest rates. Or switch to a bigger bundle.


Using data abroad

Our data bundles work everywhere in the European Union, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. You are connected to the 4G network. Travelling outside the EU? If so, then you can call and send text messages using the 3G network.

Lebara Netherlands SIM only terms and conditions:

  • Available for all new Sim Only customers, also for customers switching from Prepaid with number transfer.
  • 50% discount for six months Valid with any 24-month Sim Only plan.
  • You can adjust your data bundle and add-ons during these 6 months. The 50% discount is calculated based on your total cost monthly bill including the adjusted data bundle and/or extras you chose.
  • Get 50% off for six months on bundles, including optional add-ons (unlimited calling and texting, extra-fast 4G and unlimited calling and texting to 44 countries).
  • Did you make any calls outside your bundle? The 50% discount does not apply to those.
  • ‘Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!’ Also valid in combination with this promotion.


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