Notebook PC Market Powered to Record Sales in Q2 2021

As parts of the world begin to return to normality, large enterprises/commercial businesses are preparing for back to office and hybrid work environment. Consumer demand is showing signs of slowing down but still delivering positive sales as the pandemic is lingers on. Despite of shortage of components, the second quarter (Q2 2021) was the best quarter for many vendors as notebook PC shipment deliver 15% year-on-year growth. Find out more about latest notebook sale below. laptops for sale

Global Notebook shipments reached 65.6 million units in Q2 2021, up 15% compared to Q2 2020 and down -4% from 68.2 million in Q1 2021 as some parts of the world prepare to either go back to office or adopt a hybrid work system due to uncertainty in many markets.

Commercial customers preparing to return to work and upgrading towards more mobility (desktop to notebook PC) were the main driving factors for commercial demand. As supply constraints are expected to get tighter in the second half of the year, some consumer spending may be forced to shift elsewhere for the holidays.

Notebook Shipments Climb 15% Over High Demand from 2020

As more and more customers are shifting towards hybrid work solutions, enterprise and small and medium businesses are using contractual solutions such as Device as a Service and work from home systems. Consumer demand is more orientated around choosing the right options such as operating system, entertainment and balance of work from home and distance education.

This is why Chromebook, gaming, and commercial grade notebook shipments were strong and overall shipments are even higher than the previous high demand mark set in Q2 2020.

The component supply issue and new brands entering the market should be the primary focus points for all vendors. How smaller vendors maintain momentum in the face of supply constraints now will impact performance in the long-term as the natural consolidation trend by larger vendors creates more pressure for niche players to stay in the game. Still, the top vendors face risks on the margins as niche customers are being picked off by smaller vendors. laptops for sale

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