KT to offer a “50% maximum discount” for WiFi Routers and Prepaid Data SIMs if reserved/purchased online

KT announced a "KT reservation website service event" which will offer a discount of up to 50% to overseas visitors or for overseas communications rental services until 31st of December.

Customers who make reservations or purchases on the website can enjoy WiFi routers, Cellular, Batteries or Pre-paid Data SIM cards for up to half of its original price, as long as the rental date is within the promotional period.

The WiFi Router, with a 50% discount, can be used with an unlimited data plan for 4,400KRW per day, while Cellular and Batteries are also available for an inexpensive price of 1,100 KRW per day.

Prepaid Data SIM products have a 10% discount rate, available at 24,700 KRW for a 5-day plan, 34,600 KRW for 10 days and 64,300 KRW for 30 days. The product allows users to have access to unlimited data, with free voice and text message reception, which usually costs 6,600 KRW per day.

You can purchase KT Prepaid SIM products if you need a mobile number in Korea. KT Prepaid SIM products allocate a Korean mobile phone number to the customer, allowing users to have access to unlimited data and inexpensive telephone calls. A 5-day access will cost 24,700 KRW, available for reservation online.

A KT spokesperson stated, “Using the same network connection as other domestic users, KT products pride themselves for unmatchable connection quality and speed compared to the competitors and are proving their popularity through positive word-of-mouth from overseas visitors visiting Korea. This is a great opportunity for customers to try KT products, such as SIM Card Korea, Korea WiFI Rental, Korea portable WIFI, WIFI Korea and Korea WIFI egg at a much more affordable price until the end of the year.”

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