5G barista robot cafe opens in Gangnam

The world’s very first 5G robot cafe has opened in Seoul

KT Corp. announced on Tuesday that it has introduced 5G service at Beat Coffee, an unmanned cafe owned by Dal.komm Coffee, a South Korean coffee franchise, where a barista robot takes orders and prepares beverages.

KT implemented a 5G wireless system at the café, which used to run on wired connections. Beat Coffee now has a 5G mobile hotspot in place to receive signals from 5G base stations.

The 5G network in the cafe is used to send the status of the robot and high-quality CCTV to the control tower 24 hours a day”, said a KT representative. “With the CCTV equipped inside the robot, the robot also recognizes visitors to the coffee shop and sends video footage of the inside of the shop to the manager”, the KT representative added.

“The 5G barista cafe is the world’s first 5G robot cafe to offer real 5G service”, said Park Hyun-jin, head of KT’s 5G business division. KT will also provide the robot with voice recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. With these features, customers will be able to make voice orders and receive more customized service through the AI technology, KT added.

Customers can also check the country of origin, expiration date, and sanitary condition of coffee beans, syrup, milk, and other ingredients used at the coffee shop in real-time.

Beat Coffee joined a 5G MHS(Mobile Hotspot) plan where 10GB will be provided for 49,500 won (US$43.97). KT plans to add voice recognition and AI features to the barista robot in the near future.


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