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KPN turns on 5G on Tuesday 28 July

KPN is activating its renewed mobile network in the Netherlands as of Tuesday 28 July. All KPN customers with a mobile subscription will experience the benefits as of that day: even more speed and capacity – at home, on the road and in the office. kpn 5g

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In addition, all customers with a suitable device can instantly use 5G, the latest generation of mobile technology. Moreover, business customers will be able to purchase as of that day special 5G-services such as coverage on demand and guaranteed bandwidth, services that are only possible thanks to 5G technology.

Joost Farwerck, CEO KPN: “We are switching on 5G at KPN and rapidly expanding the coverage across the country. What is special is that we offer business customers and entrepreneurs special services on 5G. For example, services that enable drones to continuously carry out autonomous inspections on company sites or that enable ambulances and other emergency services to arrive faster at the destination. That’s where the real benefit is to be found: for where 4G connected people, 5G connects all of society. That is crucial, because it’s how the Netherlands will remain a digital frontrunner.”

More capacity, faster speeds and shorter response times
KPN is modernizing its mobile network throughout the Netherlands, a huge operation that is expected to be completed in the second half of next year. On the modernized network, the download speed for all customers with a 4G device is already on average 50% higher. For 5G devices, the upload speed also increases significantly. The response time is also shorter and will decrease further in the coming years, making communication increasingly real-time.

As of 28 July, the revamped mobile network will be active in most of the Randstad area and Eindhoven, reaching about half of the Dutch population. At the end of this year, two in three people in the Netherlands will be able to enjoy the benefits of the renewed mobile KPN network and next year 5G will be available nationwide.

5G: a digital evolution
As the first 5G frequency has now been auctioned, this technology is gradually becoming more widely available in the Netherlands. 5G promises the most potential for business sectors, because the capacity and reliability of the network enable new applications such as innovations in the fields of safety, healthcare, mobility, logistics and the manufacturing industry. Innovations that benefit the whole of society. In due course, also consumers will benefit from the added value of 5G with the advent of for example new possibilities in entertainment and gaming to enrich their experience. In 2022, after the auction of 3.5GHz frequency, a further improvement in speed and capacity will be possible. kpn 5g

Three new business services enabled by 5G
5G is the key to further innovation, digitization and smarter cooperation with secure connectivity, reliable service and future-proof solutions. That is why KPN is launching as of 28 July the first three distinctive services for business customers on 5G technology, enabling new digital solutions in many industries:

  • Coverage on demand
    KPN can offer customers tailormade indoor and outdoor coverage depending on the needs of customers to implement new applications.
  • Application priority
    With 5G KPN can prioritize the delivery of mobile data of special applications throughout the Netherlands, even if there is heightened traffic on the network. This service concerns data traffic that in the public interest should take precedence. For example, a company can use this service to secure payment transactions. Emergency services can use this service to lower poles in the city center and turn traffic lights green so that they can get as quickly as possible to those in need.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
    With this service, KPN can offer business customers on their premises as an option the guarantee that they will always have a good connection for their business applications. For example, think of ‘tele-operations’ where forklift trucks and cranes are controlled remotely.

KPN 5G Field Labs: Together applications 5G develop
KPN already has more than two years of experience in testing 5G applications together with customers and partners to validate business cases in various industry segments. In various 5G FieldLabs, customers can work with KPN to see how connectivity and 5G can help improve business processes or optimize the customer experience.


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