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Roaming Worry Free on Skiing

KPN sees 50% jump in data roaming traffic in ski destinations

Dutch people have been using up to 50% more roaming data from European winter sports destinations compared to a year ago. Data traffic peaks during the Christmas and Carnival holidays from the Alps, with the second week of Carnival (25/2 – 4/3) being by far the busiest week. kpn roaming 2023

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This is based on an analysis of mobile roaming traffic processed by KPN from popular winter sports destinations such as Austria, Switzerland, France, and Italy.

During the period from December ’22 to March ’23, KPN recorded around 50% more data traffic compared to last year, which is more than the annual growth of data traffic. This increase may be due to both increased data consumption and increased travel. Compared to the winter of 2019/2020, roaming traffic even doubled. Two years ago, almost no data traffic was visible due to the pandemic.

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Austria is the most popular winter sports destination in Europe. We make about the same number of calls from the Alps as we did a year ago. An absolute peak is visible in the second week of Carnival when both the central and northern regions have holidays. On Wednesday 1, Thursday 2, and Friday 3 March, winter sports roaming records are being broken in Austria.

KPN publishes the Stand van het Netwerk (State of the Network) to report on trends and developments in the amount of internet traffic on the network in the Netherlands. This includes previous publications, such as the impact of a WhatsApp outage on SMS traffic, New Year’s Eve, and the rollout of fiber optic.


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