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KPN launches Secure File Transfer services

KPN is making a new service available with which large files can be sent encrypted for free. KPN Secure File Transfer is similar to WeTransfer


The KPN service allows users to send files of up to 4 GB to someone else. That is 2 GB more than the well-known service WeTransfer, with which large files can be shared for free via the internet in a similar way.


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Secure File Transfer is a secure file sending service. Users can send multiple files up to four gigabytes at a time. KPN attaches great importance to anonymity in this service. The service uses end-to-end encryption based on AES gcm. Files are encrypted with sha-256. Downloads can also be password protected.

After uploading, users receive a URL that they can share with others. However, this is also possible with a qr code. KPN recommends that you do not send the URL or Qr code by e-mail, but by using a privacy-friendly communication method, such as wire or signal. will be done.

It is currently not possible to send files larger than 4 GB via the service, even for a fee.

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