KPN and Samsung bring Rijksmuseum art close by via smartphone

KPN and Samsung start an exclusive collaboration to make Dutch Masterpieces of the Rijksmuseum accessible via the smartphone

Customers who sign up with the Samsung Galaxy S9 (+) or Note9 at KPN, the main sponsor of the Rijksmuseum, will receive their own smart cover with Rembrandt’s world-famous Night Watch. This gives them direct access to the digital art collection of the Rijksmuseum and the possibility to visit the museum for free.

When the smart cover is placed around the device, the design of the smartphone changes in the style of well-known works of art from the Rijksmuseum. At the same time, the Rijks App is installed on the smartphone with Rijksstudio, the online catalog of the museum, and customers can choose from no fewer than 600,000 works of art from the Rijksmuseum collection as a background for their smartphone. The images of the masterpieces can also be used without permission.

With the Rijks App, customers can discover the museum with unique multimedia tours. In this way they can listen to the stories from the Rijksmuseum, learn about the history and the building. The navigation system guides the visitor with an interactive map with route directions from room to room. With the collaboration between KPN and Samsung, the largest collection of the Rijksmuseum is made accessible via the smartphone and even more people can enjoy the masterpieces.


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