kosovo phone prefix

Kosovo phone prefix will be active from 15 January

Kosovo confirms switch to its own international number prefix  the +383 dialling code which was received in December, 2016,  from 15 January. Operators who do not adapt to the change risk monthly fines of EUR 10,000. kosovo phone prefix


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The head of telecom regulator Arkep, Kreshnik Gash, told Radio Free Europe that the code has already been implemented in fixed telephony, while its implementation by mobile operators Vala and Ipko has been postponed twice (June 2018 and October 2018).
The final deadline is 15 January, when foreign codes will no longer be valid in Kosovo and no further delays will be allowed.
By March 25, the Serbian code +381 used for landlines and the Serbian mobile operator was made inoperative, while the other two mobile operators Vala and Ipko, where using Monaco and Slovenian codes prefixes.

LAST UPDATE: July 28th, 2019:


Kosovo’s phone numbering system (country code +383) is currently in transition from Serbia’s (country code +381).

Phone numbers located in Kosovo listed under country code +381 will soon moved to Kosovo’s country code +383.

Kosovo phone number ranges in the Serbian phone system are: landline and mobile phone networks on +381 28 and landline networks on +381 29, +381 38, and +381 39.

Some mobile phone users in Kosovo may also temporarily be on networks accessed through Monaco and Slovenia’s country codes:

Monaco (+377): mobile phone networks on +377 44 and +377 45.
Slovenia (+386): mobile phone networks on +386 43 and +386 49.

kosovo phone prefix


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