Knowroaming WhatsApp Usage (Free)

Previously anyone with an account could get free Whatsapp usage worldwide after they reload credit for the first time. Credit didn’t use to expire so one could theoretically have had free WhatsApp indefinitely

Now Knowroaming Whatsapp Free Usage: any WhatsApp data usage for messaging (text, image, and other media) and calling (voice and video) is free for a period of 30 calendar days following the date of an account credit purchase in the KnowRoaming app.

After the 30-day period has elapsed, customers can purchase more prepaid account credit in the KnowRoaming app to continue to enjoy WhatsApp data usage for free.

Otherwise, WhatsApp data usage will be deducted from the customer’s prepaid account balance following the 30-day period if there is no new account credit purchased in the KnowRoaming app.

Multiple account credit purchases in the KnowRoaming app that occur within the 30-day period will grant 30 calendar days of free WhatsApp data usage from the most recent account credit purchase. Account credit purchases do not result in cumulative 30-day periods of free WhatsApp data usage.

Knowroaming WhatsApp Usage

This statistic gives information on the popularity of the mobile messenger app WhatsApp in leading online markets worldwide as of the fourth quarter of 2016.

According to survey data, 55 percent of the population in Germany were using WhatsApp. In Indonesia, 38.3 percent of the population used WhatsApp.

Only 16 percent of the population in the United States were actively using the messaging app. In the United States, the most popular mobile messaging apps are Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and Snapchat.


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