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Klarna announces global campaign starring Paris Hilton, in collaboration with Hilton’s 11:11 Media

Klarna, the leading global bank, payments and shopping service, announced the launch of its global multimedia campaign starring Y2K icon Paris Hilton, in collaboration with Hilton’s next-gen media company, 11:11 Media. The campaign features Paris in a series of films responding to Klarna’s flexible payments and shopping app features with her newest catchphrase, ‘That’s Smoooth,’ proving that even the most experienced shoppers are impressed by Klarna’s elevated shopping products. Klarna payments

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“Paris Hilton is a trailblazer across fashion, tech, and business – areas very familiar to Klarna,”  said David Sandström, Chief Marketing Officer of Klarna. “Her ability to stay ahead of trends, her shopping prowess and the fact that our customer has grown up with her, made Paris the perfect person to partner with for this campaign.”

Directed by Ukranian Grammy Award nominee Tanu Muino, best known for her work with musical artists Harry Styles, Cardi B, Lil Nas X and Lizzo, the ‘That’s Smoooth’ films are set in a dream-like Klarna world featuring elements of sophistication, playfulness, and a nod to Y2K fashion.  The accompanying campaign stills were photographed by Adrienne Raquel, an image maker and art director whose inspiration stems from femininity, soulfulness, and color.

“It’s so refreshing to put fashion in a comedic spotlight, two things you wouldn’t think go together, but that’s what fashion is about – breaking the rules,” said Tanu Muino. “Ultimately, we built a world unique to Klarna, a visual experience that doesn’t exist anywhere created by combining modernism with a sprinkle of retro timelessness.”

As a part of the campaign, Klarna’s global ‘ambaddiesore’ Bretman Rock, makes a special appearance alongside Paris, adding a whimsical twist to the eye-catching films. “As a resident baddie, there was no way I could pass up the opportunity to star alongside Paris Hilton herself, and the fact that it was for a Klarna campaign, a brand that I have partnered with for over two years… well that was just the cherry on top,” said Bretman Rock.

While the campaign focuses on Klarna’s flexible payment options, it also draws attention to  Klarna’s other innovative features that make the shopping experience smooth including try before you buy, buyer’s protection, and package tracking. Complementing the films and stills will be a series of events, social content and collaborations that explore how these Klarna features have contributed to the evolution of shopping since the Y2K period, in partnership with the queen of Y2K, Paris Hilton. Klarna payments

The films and stills launch globally on February 27 and will run through March across social media, digital, broadcast, and OOH platforms. As part of the partnership, 11:11 Media will also promote the campaign across digital channels including Paris’ personal social media handles.

About Klarna Payments

Klarna is a Swedish financial technology company that provides payment solutions for online retailers. Their services include various payment options that aim to provide a seamless shopping experience for consumers. Some of these options include:

  1. Pay later: This allows customers to purchase items and pay for them later, either in 30 days or in several installments.
  2. Slice it: With this option, customers can split the cost of their purchase into smaller, more manageable payments spread out over time.
  3. Pay now: This is a traditional payment option where customers can pay for their purchase upfront using a credit or debit card.
  4. Direct debit: With this option, Klarna automatically deducts the agreed-upon amount from the customer’s bank account.

Klarna’s payment options are designed to provide consumers with more flexibility and control over their spending, while also making the checkout process quicker and more convenient. The company operates in 17 countries.

Klarna has partnerships with over 200,000 retailers globally, including well-known brands such as H&M, IKEA, and ASOS. To see if a specific retailer offers Klarna as a payment option, look for the Klarna logo or “pay with Klarna” at the checkout page of the retailer’s website. Additionally, Klarna has its own app where you can discover and shop at retailers that offer their payment options.



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