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Kazakhstan face recognition

Kazakhstan tests face recognition bus ticketing

A new system of payment in public transport based on biometrics – Face Pay – was presented at a conference in Nur-Sultan on 15 October. Upon entering the bus, the passenger will have to look into a special camera – similar to passport control at the border. face recognition kazakhstan bus

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We created a bot in Telegram, where you can register your Individual Identification Number, take a picture, add a bus card and get into the system. Then you give permission to use your data. After that, you can go into the bus where the equipment is installed and purchase a ticket without any payment or phone cards,” said the founder of IPay LLP Almas Aimenov to NewEurope.


Face recognition bus ticketing available on two buses face recognition kazakhstan bus

He said that the system recognises faces with an accuracy of 95%, and passenger data will be reliably protected. “When the passenger enters the bus, the driver will see his photograph on the monitor,” said Aimenov.

Face Pay equipment has so far been installed on two buses in Nur-Sultan. The system will begin to be tested this week.

This system will also recognize the faces of already known pickpockets, as their photos can be uploaded to the system and notify the police department, he said.

While the use of facial recognition technology can have potential benefits for public safety, there are also concerns about privacy and civil liberties. Critics have raised concerns about the accuracy of the technology and the potential for false positives, as well as the risk of abuse or misuse by law enforcement officials.

It is important for governments and companies to address these concerns and ensure that the use of facial recognition technology is transparent, and accountable, and respects individuals’ privacy rights.



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