KAYAK's 'Go See for Yourself'

KAYAK Study Exposes UK Travellers’ Decision-Making Blind Spot

New findings by KAYAK, a top global travel search engine, have unveiled surprising data indicating that Brits frequently let others’ views overly influence their life and travel plans, often to their detriment. KAYAK’s ‘Go See for Yourself’

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KAYAK’s World of Opinions 2023 study, exploring the connection between travel, perspectives, and personal and global views, shows that a significant majority (69%) of UK adults allow the opinions of others to influence their holiday choices. Furthermore, nearly a quarter (24%) have entirely abandoned a holiday they wanted to pursue due to others’ views. And disappointingly, when we let others dictate our travel plans, the majority of Brits (82%) find that their actual experience differs from the recommendation.

This dependency on public opinion extends beyond just travel, affecting all aspects of life, from what we wear and eat to how we think. Indeed, 58% of Brits admit that significant life choices, such as their career, education and lifestyle preferences, are overly influenced by the opinions of others.

The primary obstacle to decision-making?

An overabundance of opinions. In our digital age, where social media and online discussions saturate our screens, alongside friends’ and family’s perspectives, nearly half (48%) of Brits feel overwhelmed by an excess of opinions, with 72% finding it harder to discern which views to trust.

These revelations have spurred KAYAK’s new brand platform, ‘Go See for Yourself‘, designed to inspire travellers to rely on their instincts and explore the world firsthand. As part of this initiative, KAYAK has partnered with comedian Maisie Adam to promote freedom from the dilemma of external influence.

Maisie Adam comments, “I’ve never been one to follow the herd and I’ve always valued doing what brings me joy. However, I confess that I’ve often sought out holiday recommendations and questioned the so-called ‘perfect holiday’ because the advice I’ve received doesn’t always align with reality. I would urge people to ignore what others suggest and venture out independently. You’ll probably have a much better holiday!”

Evan Day, KAYAK UK Country Manager, notes, “At KAYAK, we understand that firsthand experiences empower people to evolve. Our research indicates that the majority of people believe travelling broadens their curiosity and provides a new outlook on life. However, it appears we struggle with decision-making, causing many travellers to abandon personal beliefs and authentic experiences for popular consensus.

We’re not suggesting that recommendations from others aren’t helpful when planning travel, but ultimately, it’s down to each individual’s specific wants and needs. Our mission at KAYAK is not to dictate where people should go, but to provide comprehensive travel tools and resources to help you find the right destinations for you.”

For those ready to explore the unknown and create their own experiences, the KAYAK Explore feature is an excellent tool to find destinations that suit your preferences. Go see for yourself.

To animate the ‘Go See for Yourself’ platform, KAYAK has launched a short film, ‘Think This’, emphasising self-exploration and freedom from others’ views. To view the film, learn more about the platform, and read the full World of Opinions study, visit kayak.co.uk/c/go-see-for-yourself.

Further findings from the study include:

  • Views from family and friends (63%) and others around us, like colleagues and neighbours (34%), significantly impact our daily life choices.
  • 72% believe there’s an increasing gap between reality and social media representation in recent years.
  • 73% feel that opinions in society have become more polarised in recent years.
  • The majority (54%) agree that travelling helps bolster their own beliefs and opinions.
*Research of 1,007 UK adults aged 18-75 was conducted by Norstat on behalf of KAYAK. Data collection occurred between 16th to 25th of May 2023 via an online survey.

About KAYAK KAYAK’s ‘Go See for Yourself’

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