Kar-Tel offers free calls for people abroad

More than 6,000 doctors will receive free communication from Beeline

Mobile operator Kar-Tel, working under the Beeline Kazakhstan brand, said customers can use free service packages for calls while roaming. Customers will get a 2 GB mobile data traffic package and 30 minutes of calls for one month.

Beeline will provide more than 6,000 medical workers in the country with free mobile communications and the Internet.

Emergency medical personnel will receive 1000 minutes for calls to any numbers in Kazakhstan and 100 GB of Internet traffic.

“In countries where cases of the disease are detected, the greatest burden falls on doctors. Providing them with free communication is only a small but important part of the initiatives implemented by Beeline these days. Today, we all need to act together – this is the key to success, ”says Evgeny Nastradin, CEO of Beeline Kazakhstan.

The initiative is implemented jointly with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

One of the key factors for successful work in the fight against coronavirus in quarantine mode is the availability of uninterrupted communication channels. The operational coordination of emerging issues online makes it possible to observe the most stringent control and prevention measures, ”commented Olzhas Abishev, Vice Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Special conditions of the initiative will be valid until June 30, 2020.

Since March 16, a state of emergency has officially begun to operate in Kazakhstan. Today, about 78% of employees at Beeline Kazakhstan already work remotely.

Difficult times require instant response and flexible management. As of Beeline Kazakhstan for three years a program BeFlex , when employees can choose the most convenient for you mode of work, including remote. This is what allowed us to quickly transfer a significant share of our colleagues to work at home. We are ready to share our experience and help introduce it to other companies for free. This is our responsibility as a socially oriented business, ”comments Tahmina Kodiri, Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development of Beeline Kazakhstan.

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