Journey to the World Cup: roaming costs for Portugal users

Russia is one of those European countries that aren’t covered by EU RLAH rule and you could get  really high charges by visiting this year FIFA World Cup.

If you are one of expected 1,500 Portuguese funs and plan to go to World Cup 2018 in Russia this is what Portugal operators (Nos, Meo and Vodafone ) has to offers to you and possible cost of roaming.

Making a call can cost 2.45 euros per minute and receiving also gets expensive: about 1 euro. Only incoming SMS is free. If you send an SMS you will have to pay about 80 cents and in the case of MMS the price can reach almost to 2 euros.


Here you can find “Roaming Guides: Russia” with more possible solutions and Russian operators prepaid offers.

Moscow’s public transport system has free Wi-Fi available on buses, trams, trolleybuses, the metro, and many suburban trains. The Moscow Central Ring (MCR) is also wired up to wifi. BUT as Kaspersky lab recently published, it is pretty unsecured.

Fourth option is renting a mobile hotspot with local sim which can be pretty good solution for a group of friends (it is shareable to up to 10 persons).

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