Journey to the World Cup: roaming costs for Brits in Russia

Which? uncovers the best mobile roaming deals for England fans heading to the World Cup this summer

One of the options, to reduce roaming costs, is to buy Russia local sim card. Other one is to rent or buy a mobile hotspot which can be used for up to 10 devices.

And the third one is to use your operator roaming packages or add-ons, which is perhaps easiest option for user but also and most expensive one.

Here is an overview for UK operators and their offers, made by  Which?.

Depending on your operator it wouldn’t take long to rack up a huge bill if you’re reckless with your mobile phone, or even if you use it sparingly.

These example costs made by Which?, are based on data usage estimates and the actual cost can vary.

  • Can’t find a cab to get back to the hotel? Using Google Maps to navigate for just 10 minutes could cost around £27 with TPO, or just 30p with GiffGaff.
  • Checking your phone for the latest scores could sting – loading just three web pages could come to over £20 with Asda or O2, more than ten times as much as Utility Warehouse.
  • Even a good old-fashioned phone call isn’t cheap. Three minutes with iD Mobile could set you back over £10. BT would still charge around £4, but it all adds up.

There is also and fourth option: using WI-fi hotspots which is not for recommend: they are pretty unsecure.

To get best connection, most GB’s and spend less our recommendations go for local sim or mobile hotspot rent.



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