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Jordan Urges Telecoms To End Prepaid Plans cut-off

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply has called on telecom companies to reverse a recent decision to disconnect prepaid phone plans the day following the expiration of the subscription, and not to take any decisions that “violate market mechanisms and free competition“. Find out more about the latest Jordan prepaid news.

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In a statement Sunday, Minister Maha Ali said the ministry had officially addressed local mobile operators to “stop this practice which risks liability”.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) forwarded to the ministry complaints against the three mobile operators regarding the cut-off of prepaid plans on the day after the subscription expires, the minister noted.
Ali indicated that a study into the issue by the ministry’s Department of Competition found that the three telecom firms applied new conditions on the disconnection of prepaid lines, something, she said, breached competition and limited options before subscribers.

Previously, telecom companies granted pre-paid mobile subscribers a month to receive calls after the subscription ends. However, the three companies have recently pursued a new policy of prepaid plans cutting them off just a day after the subscription expires.

The Competition Law No. (33) of 2004 and amendments thereto prohibit, subject to liability, any practices that violate, limit or prevent competition, especially those whose subject or purpose is to fix the prices of goods or service fees or the conditions of sale and the like.

Jordan’s telecommunications market

Jordan’s telecommunications market is competitive and well-developed, with several key operators offering a range of services. The three main telecom operators in the country are Zain Jordan, Orange Jordan, and Umniah. These operators provide a variety of services, including voice, data, and broadband services, to both individual and corporate customers. They have invested heavily in infrastructure, including 4G and 5G networks, to ensure high-quality service delivery. Each operator has its unique selling points, with Zain Jordan being the largest operator in terms of subscribers, Orange Jordan known for its strong fixed-line services, and Umniah recognized for its competitive pricing.

Jordan Prepaid Telecom offers

Prepaid telecom offers in Jordan are diverse and cater to different customer needs. These include voice and data bundles, international calling packages, roaming packages, and special offers for youth and students. For instance, Zain Jordan offers “Zain Al Hayat” prepaid lines that come with various bundles including local and international minutes, SMS, and internet data. Orange Jordan’s “Alo” prepaid line offers flexible bundles with options for voice, data, and SMS. Umniah, on the other hand, provides the “Umniah Shabab” line targeting the youth segment with special data and social media bundles. These prepaid offers are designed to provide flexibility and control over spending, making them popular among locals and tourists alike.

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