Mobilink Jazz International Roaming Charges and Activation Process

International roaming is off great help for those mobile users who are in abroad but want to use the service of their national subscribers. To entertain its subscribers with best services in abroad, Mobilink Jazz is offering great international roaming packages for its postpaid and prepaid users. Jazz international roaming

Here we are describing all international roaming services being offered by Mobilink Jazz.

Recharge while roaming

Customers may recharge their balance according to the following three methods

  • Customers can carry Jazz Prepaid scratch cards while on roaming and load balance by simply keying in *123* followed by 14 digit number on the scratch card then # and press SEND.
  • Family or friends can visit any Jazz Prepaid Load outlet and have the balance transferred to any Jazz Prepaid Roamer.
  • Customers can visit TOPUP outlets/websites to avail International Jazz Load.

To Reload Balance via Scratch Card

  • Simply key in *123* followed by the 14 digit number on your scratch card then # and press SEND.

International Jazz Load

Jazz yet again pioneered in providing its customers with maximum convenience whether in Pakistan or abroad. Jazz offers “International Jazz Load” in collaboration with International Top-up Vendors. Now you can top-up the Jazz Prepaid Connection of your loved ones in Pakistan, from any of the following countries*:




Recharge Jazz Prepaid balance:


  • Go to any affiliated retailer/money exchange.
  • Request the agent/retailer to send top-up to any Jazz Prepaid Number in Pakistan.
  • Inform the agent/retailer of the amount and Jazz Prepaid Number.
  • Pay cash to agent/retailer.


  • Visit dingTransferTo, Tranglo, eTopUpOnline
  • Register with the website.
  • Select Pakistan as the country and Jazz Prepaid as the operator.

Roaming Tips

Know your tariff:

Jazz has just made roaming easy for all with $0.2 per min or mb in over 70 major countries. Over 90% of Jazz roamers visit these countries. However, just make sure you know the roaming rates for the country you plan to visit.

What if Data Roaming is not working:

If your data roaming is active and you still face issues using it abroad just check:

Your APN (Access Point Names) settings. Simply configure APN to ‘Jazz’

Switch on Data Roaming & Mobile Data from handset settings

Watch out for Inflight & maritime:

Non-terrestrial roaming is expensive. Just make sure your mobile is put on Airplane mode here.

Why Call forwarding:

Check status of your call forwarding to ensure you cancel all call forwards before you travel abroad. So, you may want to review/cancel any call diverts that you may have activated as there will be two-way Roaming charging on Voicemail services and on conditional call forwarding while roaming.

No Background Apps:

Sometimes, apps continue running in background without you knowing. So, its better to either turn data roaming on when using it or simply block apps from using data in background (check your mobile data settings).

Switch off all free services that you subscribe to.

Mobilink Jazz Prepaid International Roaming

Now you can enjoy Prepaid International Roaming in 38 countries across 5 continents, along with InFlight roaming facility with our following partner networks:

Jazz Prepaid IR Partners



InFlight Roaming

  • AeroMobile
  • OnAir





  • Algeria – Djezzy
  • Egypt – Mobinil
  • Morocco – IAM
  • Nigeria – MTN
  • Tunisia – Orascom


Although not mandatory, Jazz Prepaid International Roamers are advised to carry sufficient balance in order to enjoy unmatched convenience. Recommended balance is Rs. 1,500

Subscribing to Jazz Prepaid International Roaming – Jazz roaming activation

  • Jazz Prepaid International Roaming can be activated by simply calling 111 Helpline.
  • Prepaid customers can also subscribe to International Roaming by visiting their nearest Jazz Customer Care Centre or Franchise

This offer includes:

  1. No security deposit
  2. No subscription charges
  3. Free incoming SMS
  4. Convenience with One Number, One SIM Card
  5. Balance Check through *111#
  6. Multiple Recharge options

Balance Recharge for Prepaid International Roamers

Jazz Load, Jazz Share, Balance Inquiry (*111#) and Balance Charging through USSD (*123*14DigitCode# and press SEND) all work while on roaming. Jazz international roaming

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