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japan europe 5g link

Space enabled 5G links Japan and Europe

Teams of engineers from Japan and Europe collaborated to test different business scenarios that require maintaining 5G online connections across space . First, it tested whether it was possible to transmit 4K-quality video via satellite, simulating a scenario similar to the availability of streaming services on board a plane. japan europe 5g link

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The challenge was to resolve latency issues due to the long distance between Japan and Europe . The engineers found that even under the influence of these delays, it was possible to transmit the high-definition video from Japan to a data center in Europe without any problems via satellite.

Connections through satellites will play a crucial role in international travel , whether by ship or plane, to keep them connected. The international connectivity, for example, of a multinational and the respective connection to its subsidiaries around the world can also benefit from the use of satellite communications.

Another test done was to see if it was possible to transmit IoT data by satellite, such as sensors to be operated on an oil rig from Japan to Europe , and once again it was successful. Finally, the network quality of each transmission segment was measured, and the integration between terrestrial and satellite 5G networks was validated .

It has been demonstrated that the system is capable of supporting the service requirements, thus proving that intercontinental terrestrial infrastructures and 5G satellite can be an option for solutions that require widely distributed networks .

The tests were carried out between January and February 2022, as part of the agreement between ESA and the NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) in Japan, along with other technology partners such as Eurescom. “By utilizing the results of this 5G satellite experiment, we believe that we will lead the development of communications and networking technology to connect satellites, high-altitude systems platforms and drones ,” said Hiroaki Harai, Director General of NICT, in the press release. ESA _ He also mentions that networks in three dimensions allow connecting multiple layers of land to the ocean, air and space, ensuring communication in all areas.

Conclusions japan europe 5g link

Overall, while Japan is gaining traction in ad hoc coalitions, these initiatives risk failing to become operational as they rely on technical benchmarks and specificities that might be delayed. Japan needs to remain in these coalitions while not forgetting the importance of its forthcoming Chairmanship of the Presidency of the GPAI and its important role in the G7 and G20 –eg, data flow quality infrastructure–. This will be strategic for Japan in its dual goal of seizing regional cooperation in Asia and projecting an international democratic approach to technology governance. Meanwhile, the EU prioritises the multilateral level or, in some cases, bilateral –rather than trilateral or quadrilateral– agreements.

These proposals aim to foster common benefits for the EU and Japan in the ‘traditional’ multilateral order. However, both sides are also part of other ad hoc initiatives and coalitions. The two mechanisms can be complementary. The latter one brings in tailored, targeted responses to pressing issues over a short period of time, while the former provides long-term approaches. Technology governance is at stake, and the EU and Japan can contribute to it in a sound manner. japan europe 5g link

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