WindTre is still Italy’s fastest mobile network

Vodafone best for availability

WindTre has consolidated its position as Italy’s fastest mobile network, while also providing the best video experience, with Vodafone continuing to offer the best availability, according to the latest mobile network report for Italy published by OpenSignal. More about Italy’s fastest mobile network follows below. Italy fastest mobile network
Vodafone and TIM users have started reaping benefits from their operators’ 5G deployments as we have observed their average Download Speed Experience rise again for the first time since May 2019. Vodafone initially launched commercial 5G services in June 2019, followed by TIM the following month.
The tests conducted over 90 days starting in July revealed that WindTre posted an average overall download speed of 30.1 Mbps across its 3G and 4G networks, an impressive rise of 4.8 Mbps compared to the previous study, ahead of Vodafone, Iliad and TIM with 24.6 Mbps, 24.2 Mbps and 24.0 Mbps respectively.

WindTre secured the Video Experience award

WindTre won OpenSignal Video Experience award, scoring 69.4 points, after jointly winning the award with TIM in May report. But WindTre’s lead over second-placed Vodafone is just 0.5 points, and 2.5 points separate the four national operators, indicating that the competition for this metric is still high.

WindTre increases its lead in both our speed awards Italy’s fastest mobile network

WindTre kept hold of the Download Speed Experience award and recorded an impressive improvement of 4.8 Mbps, now reaching 30.1 Mbps. The operator also showed the largest improvement in Upload Speed Experience, winning this award with 9.9 Mbps, just shy of the 10 Mbps mark, having increased its score by 0.7 Mbps. These improvements have pushed WindTre farther ahead compared to the second-placed operator in both Download Speed Experience and Upload Speed Experience, and the operator is now leading by 5.5 Mbps and 1.7 Mbps, respectively.


WindTre and Vodafone win three awards each Italy fastest mobile network

In a previous report, Vodafone won three awards outright, while WindTre won two. By winning Video Experience in this report, WindTre has now secured the same number of awards as Vodafone, surpassing TIM and cementing its position in the mobile experience landscape of Italy.

Vodafone keeps hold of the Games Experience award

Vodafone won the second Games Experience award, scoring 69.6 points, and increasing its lead on second-placed TIM, which followed at 67.5 points — now 2.1 points behind, compared to 0.7 points in previous report. Vodafone and TIM were the only two operators scoring in the Fair (65-75) Game experience” category, while WindTre and Iliad scored below 65, in the Poor (40-65) category.

TIM remains close to Vodafone and WindTre in several categories Italy’s fastest mobile network

Despite having lost some of its shine in recent reports, as TIM used to be the clear winner of most of the OpenSignal awards just 18 months ago, in this report TIM jointly won  4G Coverage Experience with Vodafone and WindTre and placed second for Games Experience, Voice App Experience, and Upload Speed Experience awards. Also, TIM was a strong contender for regional awards: it secured five out of six awards in Milan and recorded some of the highest scores we have seen across the 21 cities analyzed in Video Experience, Games Experience, and Voice App Experience. TIM was also the only operator passing the 50 Mbps threshold we have seen in the regional analysis—51.3 Mbps in Verona.

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