Iskon offers Sim with 100 GB internet ahead of fixed internet delivery

We are all supposed to lose an average of 6 months in life on waitings. Waiting in traffic, waiting in line at cash registers, waiting for food to heat up in the microwave, waiting for friends in the square. You just won't wait for anything else on the internet if you take it from Iskon!


Croatian ISP Iskon has introduced the Solo Net internet offer, giving customers an additional data Sim card with 100 GB of traffic upon signing a contract. This will service while they wait for the ordered fixed internet service to be connected.


Traveling to Croatia? Get your sim card here.

The so-called SOS Sim card can be inserted into any tablet or cellphone, making a home hotspot until the arrival of technicians to install the fixed service. The subscription to the Solo Net package with speeds of up to 100 Mbps costs HRK 169.90 per month.

The price of the package is reduced if customers select the Iskon.Mobile subscription tariff, which offers 1,000 units for calls and SMS, 4 GB of traffic and an additional 1 GB for communication via IM.

“The busiest month in terms of relocation is just beginning in all our major cities. We believe that we will help Iskonians, ie those who are becoming those, to ease this stressful period and enable them to connect their wifi speakers in the new apartment for the first night, sit comfortably and watch an episode of their favorite series on their favorite streaming service, “said Iskon .

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