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Is teleworking deadly for libido?

According to a recent survey, 79% of French women are currently suffering from a drastic drop in their libido. In question: teleworking.

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Since March 2020, due to the coronavirus epidemic raging on the planet, teleworking has become a standard in France: many French people work from home and no longer go to their professional premises.

But contrary to what one might think, teleworking is not necessarily better for your health. Thus, according to an Ifop study for the JNA association (National Hearing Day), teleworking promotes noise pollution; it would also contribute to weight gain, the appearance of sleep disorders, or the development of muscle and joint pain.

But that’s not all: according to a recent study conducted by the dating site Gleeden among more than 2,500 women, telecommuting is also harmful for – libido.

Telecommuting, bad for self-esteem and desire 

Thus, 8 out of 10 French women (79%) admit to feeling a “drastic drop in their libido since they started teleworking. Only 26% of the women questioned have had sex since the start of the second confinement, on October 30.

How to explain this decrease in desire?

First, there is the economic and health crisis: stressful; it is the main reason mentioned by 81% of respondents to explain their drop in libido.

Moreover, we know that teleworking is treacherous. Thus, 68% of the respondents mention “poor management of their free time“when they are teleworking and printing”not knowing when to stop“… Not easy to draw the line between work and private life when you are at home all day!

Finally, there is the question of self-esteem: how do you want your partner when you don’t feel yourself desirable? Almost two-thirds of respondents (65%) indicate that they do “feel sexier or desirable“since they are teleworking. In short, strongly back to the office.  (Via Gleeden)


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