Iranian airlines to be equipped with Inflight Wi-Fi

Head of Iranian Space Agency Morteza Barari said Saturday that Iranian airlines will be equipped with Wi-Fi internet system with the cooperation of the Civil Aviation Organization (CAO).


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He added, “in this comprehensive plan, Wi-Fi internet connection in airplane will be made possible using satellite reception system.”

For this purpose, Iranian Space Agency (ISA) has organized several expert-level meetings with the Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) in line with resolving and meeting users’ demand to Internet system in Iran’s air routes and Iranian airlines, he added.

He pointed to the agreement made between ISA and CAO and added, “it is planned that Civil Aviation Organization will provide an aircraft to us in order to carry out preliminary and initial tests on the aircraft’s internet system.”

In this plan, satellite reception system can provide internet through satellite inside the aircraft in the Wi-Fi form, the deputy ICT minister highlighted.

This sophisticated system has been installed on the plane and receives waves, he said, adding, “this cooperation agreement will be finalized within the next weeks.”


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