Iran introduces internet fair usage policy

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The Iranian telecommunication ministry, in collaboration with Communication Regulatory Authority, has introduced a mandatory landline Internet Fair Usage Policy, which will be enforced from 01 December, reports Financial Tribune.

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Through the newly introduced system Fair Internet Usage, or FUP, each landline ISP is required to announce a bandwidth cap for different Internet speeds before 01 December.

According to online database Numbero, Internet services in Iran are the 4th most expensive globally. This is while Internet speed is relatively low compared to neighboring countries and users often complain about disrupted connections.

Statistics released by the Internet World Stats indicate that some 57 million Iranian’s (70% of the population) have access to the Internet. This is while International Telecommunication Union put Internet penetration rate in Iran at 44% in 2015. The significant hike to some extent has been due to introduction of third and fourth generations of mobile communication technologies in Iran.

Furthermore, service providers should notify customers before reaching the cap. Users can pay additional fees to forestall the decrease in speed. For the ‘extra Internet usage’ ISPs cannot charge subscribers more than 20,000 rials (50 cents) per gigabyte. The current average price for each extra gigabyte of Internet usage is about 40,000 rials ($1).

ISPs have not yet announced the bandwidth caps. ISP services will be monitored by CRA and according to Jahromi in case businesses fail to comply with terms of their agreement with subscribers, the ISP will be fined.

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