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StarHub and Software AG Launch 5G IoT Platform

As Internet of Things (IoT) plays an increasingly important role in driving digital economies and business success, Singapore’s StarHub and Germany-based Software AG have teamed up to offer an end-to-end 5G-ready IoT service to help organizations in Singapore accelerate IoT implementations on a massive scale. Iot singapore

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Through this partnership, StarHub is proud to offer the 5G IoT platform service, a new one-stop solution that provides IoT connectivity, including StarHub’s 5G, device management, professional services to integrate existing or new systems, and managed services to run the entire IoT environment for any organization in the country.

As a comprehensive platform, the 5G IoT platform service intelligently connects, manages, and monitors millions of IoT devices deployed for different applications, creates customizable analytics and provides APIs to integrate with existing and new systems.  This will help organizations accelerate their IoT implementations. It is offered to companies as a service on a subscription model, allowing full flexibility, instant scalability, and financial prudence.

Charlie Chan, Chief of Enterprise Business Group at StarHub, said: “Amid digital disruption and rapid changes in the economy, StarHub’s call remains the same: Our customers are transforming to remain globally competitive, and we want to be our customers’ enabling partner of choice when it comes to both core connectivity and innovative managed solutions. We are pleased to collaborate with Software AG to provide an advanced, 5G-ready IoT solution that helps our customers across multiple industries including property, retail, and transport, speed up or scale IoT implementations to boost productivity and innovation as well as realize cost-saving.”

Bernd Gross, CTO of Software AG added: “Data is so fundamentally important for businesses to succeed in the future that they must master how to collect and analyze it if they are to be competitive. 5G brings more speed, lower latency, and support for a massive number of endpoints, which means that data can flow between the edge and the core of any organization. Once you know what’s happening in every part of your business, you can understand how to make it better – and that is the opportunity we will bring to customers alongside StarHub.”

5g speedStarHub’s 5G IoT platform service allows organisations to aggregate all of its existing IoT applications and connected devices for a real-time, clear overview on a single aggregator platform, without a need for platform migration. New IoT applications and connected devices can also be integrated easily with this aggregator platform. With that, enterprise customers can acquire and analyse massive volumes of data from its existing independent IoT systems to gain new, accurate, in-depth understanding of how well their assets operate, in a consolidated manner.

In the case of a public transport operator, StarHub’s 5G IoT platform service can provide real-time vehicle tracking, automated inspection of the vehicle condition and predict potential issues of the vehicles to take precautionary measures, improve fleet operational efficiency and reduce downtime. With additional data such as weather, traffic conditions, the operations director can view and analyse these insights from the same dashboard and act accordingly to optimise the fleet.

For a facility management company, it can use StarHub’s 5G IoT platform service to develop smart building maintenance strategies to serve building owners better, differentiate their services from competition or improve operational efficiencies. This is because the service can bring together separate IoT systems that manage different areas of the facility – electricity consumption, rubbish bin usage, washroom cleanliness, footfall, and more, presenting a complete picture of all IoT data. With the right information and context about what is going on in the building, the facility manager can pinpoint issues and trace faults quickly or carry out preventive maintenance responsibly. Iot singapore

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