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Introducing TikTok For Business

Tiktok has launched a global business platform to provide brand and marketers with tools to use the latest social media craze and engage with potential customers in the TikTok community.

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TikTok For Business solutions are designed to give brands and marketers the tools to be creative storytellers and meaningfully engage with the TikTok community.

New Platform for Brands to Amplify Their Voice on TikTok 

Over the past year, brands have found success resonating with the TikTok community not because they had the glossiest ad or the biggest names in their campaign, but because of their ability to creatively engage and connect with users through feelings, actions and sounds.

The magic of TikTok is not just the chance to create, but the chance to discover – and to be found. With TikTok For Business, our goal is to give marketers the tools to be discovered and connect with the broader communities around them.

On TikTok, marketers can tap into the unique opportunities that can only be found on TikTok to connect with our community, build their brands, and achieve their goals, including:

  • Scale & creativity: TikTok is a growing platform for marketers to leverage as a must have destination. TikTok is an entertainment based platform, offering users and brands the tools to tell their stories.
  • Sight, motion & sound: With TikTok, the industry can build for a mobile, sound-on environment. And, there are so many opportunities for sound: music, sound effects, voice-overs, reactions and more.
  • Inclusive & participatory community: TikTok is all about “join.” This presents an original opportunity for marketers to create work that becomes a part of our community. On TikTok, people can become so engaged and inspired by a marketing campaign, that they’ll create their own version of it. Brands can actually experience the impact their campaigns have on people.
  • The place where culture is made: TikTok is an open platform where anyone and any brand can be discovered. The opportunity to learn about what is happening all over the world is limitless. Culture is created in an open and inclusive way on TikTok, every day.
  • Seamless & simple solutions: Our products deliver across every marketing touchpoint and allow for rich and immersive storytelling. All are seamless, full-screen video and appear natively with the user experience. Working with many of the industry’s leading third party providers, we are building out our suite of measurement solutions. Today, we are also excited to announce our latest AR Branded Effect called Branded Scan, a new product that allows users to have an augmented reality experience with any brand.

Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks 

TikTok as a platform is designed to inspire – with authentic, creative content that could only be on TikTok. The creative, light-hearted, and fun content is so uniquely TikTok – and we’ve been inspired to see our community welcome a variety of content as well.

For brands, this opens an entirely new window of opportunity to create content that speaks to people, to invite the community to join in the conversation, and…to Make TikToks.

Creativity & Expression

TikTok has come to represent an expression of how people are feeling and what they are experiencing. We continue to work each and every day to create a supportive environment for our community to embrace authenticity and diversity in their content. The TikTok community is constantly refining their approach to storytelling based on what they’re doing and what they’re seeing. With TikTok, advertisers have the opportunity to flip traditional marketing on its head, and place their brand at the forefront of innovative storytelling and creative content to connect with today’s generation.

Open & Accessible

For every voice, there is an audience. Because TikTok is an open platform where anyone can be discovered, the industry is not limited to learning only from their own friend groups or followers. Culture, trends, and content are created and shared globally, which means anything can go viral across the globe within a matter of hours and reach diverse audiences across cultures, ages, ethnic groups, and languages. TikTok is an original opportunity for brands to create great work that becomes a part of our community and the experience.

Creator & Brand Unity

Creators reflect the heart and soul of TikTok. The courage our diverse creator community has to bring their whole selves to their content presents a new opportunity for marketers to be real, authentic and creative. Additionally, creator collaborations with brands campaigns are a powerful way to tap into the creativity and the communities creators have built. To help foster brand and creators collaborations, TikTok is testing a platform called Creator Marketplace in select regions. On TikTok Creator Marketplace, brands can discover and partner with innovative content creators on paid brand campaigns to drive awareness and attract new customers.

A Creative Place for All 

With the launch of TikTok For Business, we set out to embrace the creative, positive, and real moments that make our community so special with solutions for businesses to connect and grow with our wonderfully expressive community.

Brands have taken notice that being yourself is good for business, and we aim to continue providing a platform so they can build a meaningful presence. We champion authenticity, creativity, and expressiveness because it’s who our users are and how they stand out.

As we continue to build a platform where brands bring immense value to the user experience, we’re excited to continue investing in solutions that give brands a platform to inspire others, be discovered, and meaningfully connect with the TikTok Community.

To learn more about TikTok For Business, visit www.tiktok.com/business.

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