Intertelecom changes international SMS price 🇺🇦

Ukrainian mobile operator Intertelecom plans to modify the price of SMS sent to foreign networks. The rate will total UAH 3.25 per SMS from 25 February.

IntertelecomIn order to always be in touch on the road, in another city or even in another country, instant messengers are now used. Hundreds of messages sent during a call can be replaced by a call, without thinking about the distance. But the question always arises: “How to call via the Internet to a person who has a push-button or landline phone?”

The unique innovation of IT Phone – Internet phone will be an excellent solution to this issue, company announce.

IT Phone is a new application that serves for quality calls over the Internet. By installing it, you get a Ukrainian mobile number and the ability to make Internet calls to any subscriber numbers, even those who have not installed it.

In order to take advantage of the new product you need:

  • Download the IT Phone application in PlayMarket or the AppStore;
  • Connect a mobile number in the application and it is free.

With the IT Phone Internet phone, call any directions without restrictions, because tariffs for other operators are cheaper than the average cost of a call within a country. More profitable tariffs you will not find!

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