Nar Azerbaijan roaming

Internet bonus for Nar customers in roaming in Turkey, Iran

As of Feb. 13, 2018, it is now very convenient for Nar customers to benefit even more from the advantages of “Full” packages while abroad. Find out more about new Nar Azerbaijan roaming solutions below.

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Thus, Nar customers who are in Turkey and Iran will get up to 2 GB internet bonus. The distinguishing feature of “Full” packages, which makes it a unique offer on the mobile communications market, is that remaining part of the monthly bonuses are transferred to the next month. Therefore, “Full” users in roaming will be able to use their accumulated bonuses during the following months. Subscribers who have joined “Full 29”, “Full 39” or “Full 49” package will be able to benefit from the bonuses.

All customers, who joined one of the brand new “Full” packages offered by Nar, are able to benefit from this advantageous offer and enjoy lots of communication time. The monthly bonuses of calling minutes and huge internet traffic do not expire. They are transferred to the next month if remain unused.

Nar, being an operator that always takes into consideration the wishes and feedback of its customers, has provided them with a great opportunity to use the remaining bonuses on the following months, through the “Full” packages. Nar Azerbaijan roaming


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