International rail travel to and from Switzerland resumes

Rail travel between Switzerland and neighbouring countries is resuming by the end of May. After a break in services due to the coronavirus pandemic, Swiss Federal Railways is restoring international connections to France and Italy, as well as night trains to Austria, Germany and Eastern Europe. switzerland rail

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On the French-Swiss side, the TGV Lyria resumed services on Wednesday. Four connections will be offered to and from Geneva, two from Lausanne and three from Zurich, the Railways’ spokesman Martin Meier told Swiss news agency Keystone-SDA.

Connections to and from Italy will become available from May 31, according to the same source.

The Railways’ Nightjet night train services, which are run in collaboration with Austrian counterpart ÖBB, will resume on May 24 and May 25. These will follow the same schedule as in December 2020.

Berlin, Vienna and Prague switzerland rail

Passengers will be able to travel to the German cities of Berlin and Hamburg; the Austrian cities of Graz and Vienna; and capital cities Zagreb (Croatia), Prague (Czech Republic) and Budapest (Hungary).

Reservations are now possible, and the timetable is available online. The Railways recommends travellers check in advance the entry requirements at their destination. switzerland rail

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