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The best international eSIM providers

eSIM ‘s are becoming increasingly popular for international travel, as they offer a number of advantages over traditional SIM cards. eSIMs are embedded in your device, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around a physical SIM card or swapping it out when you travel to a new country. international eSIM providers

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They also offer more flexibility, as you can easily switch between different providers and plans.

There are a number of great eSIM providers on the market, but some of the best international eSIM providers include:


BNESIM is a reliable eSIM provider that offers prepaid data plans for travelers to 200+ countries, providing them with the convenience of instant activation, easy switching between providers, and cost-effective connectivity options. With their user-friendly app, customers can easily manage their plans and usage. 


2. Airalo

Airalo stands out as one of the top eSIM providers, offering global data plans distributed via eSIM for seamless connectivity while traveling. With its easy setup using a QR code, affordable rates, and coverage in numerous countries, Airalo ensures a hassle-free experience for travelers.


3. Nomad

Nomad offers convenient eSIM options for travelers, allowing them to stay connected in various countries without the need for physical SIM cards. With its affordable pricing, instant activation, and multiple network partnerships, Nomad is a reliable choice for international connectivity.


4. Ubigi

Ubigi is a renowned eSIM provider that offers flexible data plans for travelers, enabling them to enjoy seamless connectivity in multiple countries. With its user-friendly app, extensive coverage, and competitive pricing, Ubigi is a trusted companion for international travelers. 


5. Instabridge

Instabridge offers eSIM services that provide instant and affordable connectivity for travelers. With its wide network coverage, ease of use, and competitive data plans, Instabridge ensures a seamless internet experience while abroad.


6. GigSky

GigSky is a popular eSIM provider that offers global data plans for travelers, providing them with reliable and cost-effective connectivity in numerous countries. With its easy activation process and competitive rates, Gigsky is a trusted choice for international travelers.


7. AIS

AIS offers eSIM solutions for travelers, allowing them to stay connected in various countries without the hassle of physical SIM cards. With its extensive coverage, competitive pricing, and user-friendly interface, AIS ensures a smooth and convenient travel experience.

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8.  Keepgo

Keepgo provides eSIM solutions that cater to the connectivity needs of travelers. With its easy setup process, affordable data plans, and widespread coverage, Keepgo offers a reliable and hassle-free experience for staying connected internationally.


9. Knowroaming

Knowroaming is a trusted eSIM provider that offers global data plans for travelers. With its instant activation, competitive pricing, and compatibility with multiple devices, Knowroaming ensures seamless connectivity in numerous countries.


10. RedTea

RedTea offers eSIM services that enable travelers to stay connected while exploring different countries. With its user-friendly app, affordable data plans, and reliable network coverage, RedTea provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for international connectivity.


No matter which eSIM provider you choose, you’re sure to find a plan that meets your needs and budget. eSIMs are a great way to stay connected while traveling, and they’re the future of mobile connectivity.

Here are some additional tips for choosing the best eSIM provider for your trip: international eSIM providers

  • Consider your travel needs. How much data do you need? Will you be making phone calls?
  • Check the coverage map. Make sure the provider you choose has coverage in the countries you’ll be visiting.
  • Read the reviews. Check out what other travelers have to say about the provider before you make a decision.
  • Compare the plans. Make sure you’re getting the best deal for your needs.

With a little research, you can find the best eSIM provider for your next trip and stay connected without breaking the bank. Stay ahead of the curve in mobile connectivity by following all the latest and most important eSIM news.

Below you can find a table with prices and some of the most wanted packages.

Provider Europe USA Asia Germany Thailand Switzerland
€11.30 – 5GB
€16.34 – 5GB
€18.62 – 5GB
€8.84 – 5GB
€16.34 – 5GB
€11.02 – 5GB
€18.17 – 5 GB
€14.53 – 5 GB
€18.16  – 5GB
€16.62  – 5GB
€8.99  – 5GB
€16.17  – 5GB
€13.00  – 5 GB
€13.00 – 5 GB
€15,50 – 5 GB
€13.00 – 5 GB
€12.00 – 5 GB
€13.00  – 5 GB
€24.00 – 10 GB
€19.00 – 10 GB
€19.00 – 3 GB
€24.00 – 10 GB
€19.00 – 3 GB
€19.00 – 10 GB
€17.30 – 10 GB
€12.70 -10 GB
€10.90 – 10 GB
€25.40 – 10 GB
€12.70 – 10 GB
18.15 – 5 GB
20.87 – 5 GB
24.51 – 5 GB
18.15 – 5 GB
18.15 – 5 GB
18.15 – 5 GB
€17.25 – 8 GB
€17.25 – 8 GB
€14.53 – 6 GB
€17.25 – 8 GB
8.90 – 15 GB
€17.25 – 8 GB
€13.00  – 5 GB
€28.00 – 5 GB
€24.00 – 5 GB
€13.00  – 5 GB
€24.00 – 5 GB
€13.00  – 5 GB
€20.00 – 5 GB
€20.00 – 5 GB
€20.00 – 5 GB*
€20.00 – 5 GB
€27.30 – 5 GB*
€20.00 – 5 GB
€16.33 – 5 GB
€12.70 – 5 GB**
€20.50 – 5 GB
€8.90 – 5 GB
€10.20 – 5 GB
€10.20 – 5 GB
All packages are for 30 days, except those with * which are 15 days and ** which are 60 days international eSIM providers

international eSIM providers

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