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business travel and roaming charges

Business travel and telecom expenses

Some of the most complex areas of telecom expense management involve international roaming, cellular and data coverage. Companies that do business outside their home country, and business travel and telecom expenses are inevitable, require reliable service that achieves all of their needs.

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Business travel and telecom expenses are very closely related


Some companies tout fancy “unlimited” plans when in reality, you’ll only need a few day’s worth of call time (or less) each year. Unlimited plans are structured to account for the highest usage scenario as well as the lowest, so users who fall on that lower end may pay more than they actually need to get the job done.


Paradoxically, business travel spend is still considered a cost as opposed to an investment

When telecom plans go on autopilot, the result is usually oversight and error. That’s why it’s crucial to turn a critical eye toward what you’ve paid in the past and how that figure can be reduced in the future. Many decision-makers look at the skyrocketing cost of international phone service as a necessary evil of working around the world. It’s important not to settle for the costs you think are industry standard just because that’s what your point of contact says.


Business travel accounted for 16 % of total tourism expenditure in 2017

Holiday, leisure and recreation trips accounted for the majority of tourism expenditure (64 %) in 2017. Visits to relatives and friends accounted for only 15 % of all tourism expenditures but they represented
34 % of all tourism trips (accommodation was often free on such trips).

Business trips accounted for 16 % of tourism expenditure in 2017. At EUR 517, they recorded the highest
average expenditure per trip while the expenditure per night was 2.3 times higher for business
trips than for trips for personal purposes (EUR 154 per night versus EUR 68 per night).

On average International Business travel budget mobile phone/roaming expenses are about 5%.

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