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Instabridge Expands Wi-Fi Sharing to Asia with $3M

Originally founded in late 2012 as a way to enable you to share your home Wi-Fi with friends on Facebook, Instabridge, the Stockholm-based company, has since pivoted to become a broader Wi-Fi sharing community and has found traction in developing markets where cellular data remains prohibitively expensive. instabridge wifi

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The Instabridge app lets you share the details of any Wi-Fi hotspot with other Instabridge users and provides access to Wi-Fi hotspots shared by everyone else in the community.

This has enabled it to build a crowdsourced database of Wi-Fi hotspots, in addition to a list of known public venues that have free Wi-Fi, such as McDonald’s or Starbucks.

Instabridge Free WiFi reviewAnother really useful feature of Instabridge is that you can list your own home WiFi and give access to other users (usually your friends) who request it, which is a lot more simple than telling everyone your router password over and over again. Other features of the app include the ability to measure the WiFi speed, backup and sync (so your stored passwords can be used on any device), and even the ability to avoid hotspots that don’t work well or are not secure. instabridge wifi 

Study showed that the average U.S. business traveler spent $15.10 per day in Wi-Fi and roaming fees.

The company has scored $3 million in further funding—money it’s pegged for Asia expansion, starting with India.

The new round is led by Luminar Ventures (headed up by Magnus Bergman and Jacob Key), with participation from previous backers Balderton Capital, Draper Associates, Moor, and Creandum. The company had previously raised around $5 million. Wi-Fi sharing community

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