Inseego’s 5G Solution Brings Broadband to Telstra

Inseego Wavemaker™ PRO 5G CPE provides long-distance wireless for high-speed internet access

Across Australia, the need for better broadband is on the rise — not just in capital cities, but in regional and rural areas as well. A new 5G/LTE outdoor gateway from Inseego Corp. is extending the reach of the Telstra network to a variety of businesses in hard-to-reach areas. telstra 5g

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With high-gain antennas that maximize signal strength, the Inseego 5G FW2000e provides fixed wireless access (FWA) for users in urban, suburban, or rural locations — even as far as 17 kilometers away from a cell tower. In addition to long-range performance, the FW2000e can deliver gigabit-plus speeds with sustained high throughput for fast, reliable internet access.

We’re proud to be selected by Telstra, Australia’s largest mobile network operator, to launch this powerful 5G solution on their network,” said Inseego Chairman and CEO Dan Mondor. “Inseego’s FW2000e solves the ‘last-mile’ broadband challenge that has existed for decades. With performance that goes far beyond other wireless products, the FW2000e effectively and economically extends high-speed broadband networks many kilometers further than was previously possible. For mining, transportation, agriculture, tourism and other sectors with distributed operations — as well as work-from-home — this solution delivers high-speed, secure internet through Telstra’s state-of-the-art 5G network.”

Where no wired broadband has gone before

Building out a wired network, especially into rural areas and other remote locations — getting permits, digging trenches and laying cable — is often too difficult and extremely costly for fixed broadband service providers. And even in the areas they do serve, customers are often frustrated by slow speeds that don’t keep up with today’s demanding applications.

Running on the Telstra network, the Inseego FW2000e solves these problems. This outdoor solution can be installed easily at any customer site — warehouse, branch office, clinic, factory, farm, retail store, university campus, industrial IoT site, entertainment venue or individual residence — to deliver fast, reliable, secure 5G and LTE broadband — at speeds that can outperform typical wired connections.

There’s no place like home telstra 5g

A recent report finds that 67 percent of Australians are now working from home, up 25 percent since the start of the pandemic. For many employees who live and work remotely, getting fast, reliable and secure broadband they need for videoconferencing, cloud computing and other work applications has often been difficult or impossible.

And more Australians are moving into these regional areas. Roughly a third of all citizens now reside outside of the city and the ‘rise of the regions’ is escalating as more population shifts into these areas.

Taken together, these trends are driving the growing need for new and better broadband solutions like the FW2000e.

Meet the Wavemaker PRO FW2000e

  • Reliable, long-range 5G/LTE performance – Unsurpassed antenna gain for greater range and higher throughput at any distance
  • 5 Gbps ethernet LAN port with power-over-ethernet (POE) – Provides a high-speed gateway to indoor routers and other access points
  • Extreme reliability – IP67-rated durability for harsh environments
  • Inseego Mobile app – User-friendly mobile app simplifies professional installation and allows users to remotely configure settings, manage connected devices, reboot and more.


The Inseego Wavemaker PRO FW2000e is available now through Telstra Enterprise Group.

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