ING Bank Slaski introduces Garmin Pay

Polish bank ING Bank Slaski said customers can now use Garmin Pay. Only holders of Visa debit bank cards will be able to use the service at first but all credit card holders will be able to access the service by year-end. ING Bank Slaski Garmin Pay


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To pay with your Garmin watch, download the Garmin Connect app from the App Store (IOS phones) or Google Play (Android phones) and connect your watch to it. Create a Garmin Pay wallet with a four-digit wallet password. Finally, add the card to your Garmin Pay wallet.


Start using Garmin Pay with ING

To pay with your Garmin watch, all you have to do is bring your Garmin wrist closer to the reader. When making your first payment, it’s important to unlock your watch with the password you set when creating your Garmin Pay wallet.

– Garmin Pay payments are a convenient solution for people who like physical activity. Garmin watches are known especially among runners. At ING Bank Śląski, we want to provide our clients with the most convenient payment methods while maintaining the highest security standards. We are constantly developing our services, verifying the expectations of our clients at every stage  – says Barbara Borgieł-Cury, director of the Daily Banking Center at ING Bank Śląski.

In the event of a loss of a watch on which the user has Garmin Pay payments activated, simply remove the card from the Garmin Pay wallet on the phone or via the bank in the Moje ING online banking system or on the bank’s hotline.

ING Bank Śląski customers can buy selected models of watches with the Garmin Pay function up to 30% cheaper.


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