Infradata and BroadForward deliver Multi IMSI solution for sponsored roaming to Vodafone

Infradata has deployed BroadForward’s Multi-IMSI solution, enabling sponsored roaming access to 700+ Vodafone roaming partners in over 230 global destinations

Infradata, a leading provider of Cyber Security and Cloud Networking solutions across Europe, announced today they have delivered and implemented the BroadForward Multi-IMSI solution at Vodafone. Sponsored roaming is Vodafone’s managed roaming service which provides partners access to their worldwide roaming network against reduced roaming costs.

Using this service, partners do not need to sign individual roaming agreements with operators around the world. They can enjoy the same coverage and quality service as Vodafone customers, without having to swap the SIM card or requiring a new phone number.

The BroadForward Multi-IMSI solution enables Vodafone to configure sponsored roaming scenarios across 2G, 3G and 4G networks. The software designed solution provides easy-to-use GUI based configuration and integration of advanced signaling scenarios, without the need for scripting or coding.

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The Multi-IMSI solution is part of a suite of BroadForward’s next generation signaling products for routing, interworking, security and number portability.
Infradata is the leading expert and certified reseller of the entire BroadForward product portfolio. Infradata was selected based on their extensive experience in design, implementation and support of BroadForward products.

Infradata Managing Director BeLux, Nico Van Buitenen added: “Roaming is an important revenue source for the telco industry at large, as international mobile data roaming revenues are forecasted to reach $31 billion by 2022. We are very proud that Infradata and BroadForward are selected because of our signaling expertise and ability to deliver the multi-protocol routing intelligence and flexibility that a leading Sponsored Roaming Hub requires.”


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