In a roaming-free Europe the use of mobile data grew 5 times

Roaming-free Europe: Mobile data roaming usage in EU has increased five-fold since the ‘roam like at home’ regulation was passed at the end of May 2017, according to a report from the European Commission. The number of phone calls made while roaming roughly doubled over the same period.
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 How does it work?

For the most competitive contracts offering unlimited data or data allowances at very low domestic unit prices
(below the wholesale cap of €7.7/GB): When you go abroad you will continue to enjoy your full allowance of calls and texts. For data, you will have twice the volume of data that can be bought by the value of your monthly contract at the wholesale roaming data price cap (€7.7/GB in 2017). Beyond this threshold the operator may apply a small surcharge (no more than the wholesale data cap + VAT).

Example: With his €70 (€57.85 excl. VAT) per month contract, Tim, living in the Netherlands, gets unlimited
calls, texts and data for his smartphone. While travelling abroad, he will have unlimited calls and texts. For
data, he will get, without roaming surcharge, twice the equivalent of €57.85 worth of data at the wholesale
roaming price cap of €7.7/GB, meaning more than 15 GB.

For pre-paid metered contracts without automatic monthly payments, and for which proof of residence has
not been requested by the operator: When you go abroad, you can roam like at home up to the amount of credit
remaining for that month, at the same prices you would pay at home. If you pay less per unit of data than the wholesale data price cap (€7.7/GB), you can use a roaming data volume equivalent to the value of your remaining monthly credit at the wholesale roaming data price cap. You can top up your credit while roaming if necessary

Example: In the Czech Republic, John has a €20 pay and go (pre-paid) card for data, calls and texts, and pays
0.5 cent/ MB for data. By the time he goes on holiday, John has €13 (€10.74 excl. VAT) credit remaining on his card.
While abroad,John can enjoy a volume of data equivalent to the value of his credit. This means he gets the
equivalent of €10.74 worth at the wholesale roaming data price cap of €7.7/GB, meaning more than 1.4 GB.



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