Illuminate Selected for European Roaming Visibility Contract

Illuminate, a data solutions company that provides tools and services that collect and analyze information for key decision-makers announced it has been selected to provide a Roaming Visibility capability with one of its key customers in a European Country. illuminate roaming

4G Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is being increasingly deployed on a global scale to free up the spectrum in 2G and 3G as well as to improve the quality of service and security. To avoid complex interoperability problems with roaming networks, operators are using home routing so all calls from roamers are handled on the IMS switch in their home network. Illuminate has developed a range of ETSI-compliant solutions that support the expanded complexity of the lawful intercept mission.

Due to Illuminate’s understanding of the changes in the telecommunications networks, the company has developed several ETSI-compliant solutions to meet the emerging challenge that roaming visibility brings to the telecommunications sector. The roaming visibility solutions from Illuminate are a vendor and network architecture agnostic and have been deployed in a range of different customer networks.

This latest contract award is further proof that Illuminate’s Roaming Visibility capability meets the exacting needs of its customers.

“We are proud that our roaming visibility capability has been selected for this valuable national monitoring service, as it will play a critical role in keeping citizens safe and helping authorities in that region better understand the threats within their borders,” said Iain Goodfellow, Managing Director, Illuminate. “Illuminate has a proud heritage of monitoring telecommunications mobile networks and delivering actionable information, where it is needed, and when it is needed. This mission is just the latest example of how our technology is playing a leading role in mobile communications surveillance around the world.”

About Illuminate roaming

Illuminate provides data collection and analysis services and software to clients in the defense, intelligence, and Federal Law Enforcement sectors. The company’s innovative capabilities include network monitoring, intelligence analysis, cybersecurity, and data engineering.



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