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Iliad’s Free Caraibe makes market debut with € 9.90 tariff

Iliad subsidiary Free Caraibe has announced its long-awaited commercial launch in French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Barthelemy and Saint Martin. It is currently marketing two postpaid plans, both without any minimum contract period. Find out more about Free Caribbean packages below.

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Free Caraibe is offering a mobile contract for €9.99 including 120GB of data, unlimited calls and texts. The operator is providing 3G and 4G services across the five markets, with 4G population coverage ranging from 75 per cent in Saint-Barthelemy to 97 per cent in Saint-Martin.

French newspaper Les Echos reported Iliad Group first announced it would launch services in the four Caribbean markets and French Guiana more than four years ago.

Keep your current number with the Forfait Free Caraïbe

Yes, for this you need your 12-digit RIO number by calling 3179 free of charge. Then when subscribing, select “Keep my mobile number”, and follow the instructions.

Following your order, you will receive an SMS, within a few days, indicating the date and time at which your portability will be effective (3 to 4 days delay):

  • If you have subscribed to a Free terminal : insert your Free SIM card directly into your phone on this date to take advantage of your new plan (your SIM card is already activated).
  • If you subscribed online on the website : go to your Subscriber Area as soon as you receive your SIM card to activate it. On the date of your portability, insert it into your phone to take advantage of your new package.

Free Plan is the ideal mobile plan for your travels and you can use it and abroad

Your benefits:

  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from France, Europe, Mayotte and Reunion to landlines and mobiles in the local area, France, Europe, Reunion and Mayotte
  • 25 GB in 3G/4G from 40 destinations: France, Europe, Mayotte, Reunion, Canada, United States, Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Mexico.

Beyond 25GB/month: €0.00271/MB from France, Europe, Mayotte and Reunion and billing at the current rate from other destinations

The newspaper stated Iliad has now invested €35 million in building mobile coverage in the five markets and plans to compete with other local operators including Orange, SFR, Digicel and Dauphin Telecom.

Iliad CEO Thomas Reynaud told Les Echos the group intends to invest about €100 million in the region over a period of five to six years. He described the markets as uncompetitive, with mobile prices “two- to three-times higher” than those in mainland France.

Regulator Arcep awarded 4G licences for French overseas communities and territories in 2016.

In 2020, Iliad signed a network-sharing agreement with multinational operator Digicel Group to deploy and run passive network infrastructure in the five markets. Free Caribbean

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