iliad teams up with Digicel in the French West Indies and Guiana to deploy its mobile services offering in the region

The iliad Group is pleased to announce that it has set up a joint venture with the Digicel Group.
The joint venture company will own the mobile telephony network (i.e. the network infrastructure and active network equipment) on behalf of the two groups in the French West Indies (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy) and French Guiana. iliad french west indies

Both operators will keep their own core networks and frequency licenses and will continue to be fully independent from a commercial perspective.
The iliad Group and the Digicel Group will jointly invest in the new company in order to significantly increase the number of mobile sites in the region and therefore raise coverage and speeds.
The objective is to ultimately have one of the largest telecom infrastructure networks in the
French West Indies.

About the iliad Group iliad french west indies

Founded in 1999, in the space of 20 years the iliad Group has grown into a major telecommunications player in France and Italy, employing 11,000 people and generating €5.3 billion in revenues in 2019. As the parent company of Free – the inventor of triple play and the Freebox – iliad is an integrated fixed and mobile ultra-fast communications operator, standing out for its straightforward and innovative offerings.

At end-March 2020, the iliad Group had nearly 20 million subscribers in France (6.5 million
fixed-line subscribers and 13.3 million mobile subscribers). In Italy – where the Group launched its business on May 29, 2018 under the iliad brand, becoming the country’s fourth mobile operator – it had over 5.8 million subscribers at end-March 2020. iliad is listed on Euronext Paris (ILD). iliad french west indies



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