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Iliad Launches Free Pro – Its New B2B Offering

20 years ago, Free revolutionized the retail Internet market by inventing the world’s first triple-play box. Ten years later, we entered the Mobile telephony market as an alternative operator, transforming it with our great value, no-commitment plans. And now, Free is out to conquer the B2B market with the same ambition: to offer the best-performing technologies at an ultra-competitive price to all businesses in France.

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While the French retail telecoms market is particularly dynamic – with ultra-competitive offerings and an extremely fast fiber rollout (according to the FTTH Council, France had the largest number of connectible fiber sockets in Europe as of April 2020) – the B2B market is lagging behind.

France currently ranks 11th for business digitalization, with Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands and others all in front (DESI 2020). For example, there are currently twice as many digitalized
very small businesses in Germany than in France. The digital divide affects small and medium-sized businesses the most, as they can’t afford not to have fiber but what’s on offer isn’t suited to them.
That’s why Free has decided to enter the B2B market, offering the double boost of simplicity and innovation that will give French businesses access to the best technologies.

The Freebox Pro: Ultra-performing. Ultra-professional.

The Freebox Pro has been entirely developed by Free’s teams to meet the full range of a business’s needs – intense use, operation in an industrial environment and resistance to vibrations and high temperatures.

There is also the NAS function, to securely store all company data. The Freebox Pro  package includes 2 fixed lines with unlimited calls included to mobile numbers in France, Overseas Territories, Canada, China, United States of America and to landlines of over 100 international destinations.

In terms of prices, this is a non-binding offer proposed at 39.99 euros per month in the first year, then at 49.99 euros. Customer Service available 7 days a week from 8 to 20. For support requests, Free guarantees a response in less than 8 hours.

Developed and tested using an industrial process, it is made out of very robust, hard-wearing materials, which increase its stability and lifespan. It can be mounted in a 19-inch rack.

Ultra-fast Free Fiber for businesses

Gone are the days of painfully slow Internet when several people are working at the same time! The Freebox Pro has been specially designed to accelerateproductivity, simplify data exchange and facilitate collaborative working for businesses.
The Freebox Pro has ultra-fast Free Fiber thanks to 10G EPON technology. It offers speeds of up to 7 Gbps download and up to 1 Gbps upload.
The latency of the Freebox Pro has been optimized and it offers high-performance web flows thanks to hundreds of direct interconnection agreements signed with the largest French and international cloud services operators and providers over the past two years.

The Freebox Pro plan includes two fixed lines with unlimited calls to mobiles in Metropolitan France, the DOM, Canada, China and the United States, and to fixed lines in over 100 countries5.
From the online Customer Zone it’s easy to add more fixed lines and manage business messaging services, calls and faxes.

The Free 5G network

Free currently has the largest 5G6 network in France, with 7,044 active sites using 700 MHz/3.5 GHz, including 562 sites using 3.5 GHz7. Almost 50% of the French population is already covered by Free 5G, both in urban and rural areas.
As a result of our mobile network investments and the purchase of frequencies in the 3.5 GHz band in the French spectrum auctions in 2020, Free now offers speeds that are three times faster than 4G8 thanks to:

– Broad indoor coverage provided by so-called “low” frequencies
(700 MHz), which propagate very well.
– 70 MHz in the high frequency band (3.5 GHz).

The Free Pro Mobile fleet offering

In order to help businesses manage new working patterns and accelerate the pace of employee mobility, Free Pro offers a 5G/4G+ mobile plan.
The Free Pro Mobile Plan comes with a fleet management console, which is accessible online in the Free Pro Customer Zone. You can use this console to easily activate a new mobile line, either with or without portability, see all of your lines at a glance and track them on a day-to-day basis.

Mobile fleet management made easy:
150 GB OF 5G /4G+ DATA
in Metropolitan France
to fixed lines in 100 countries

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