Iliad has new roaming offer: 50GB & 4 GB in Europe for €7,99

Iliad is celebrating the 2 million active users with new offer

Iliad Italy has announced its third official offer since launching its Italian mobile operation at the end of May, having reached the milestone of 2 million customers in just 100 days. Find out more about Iliad Italia roaming options below. Iliad Italia roaming
The new deal comes with 50GB of 4G data, including 4GB for EU roaming, plus unlimited calls and SMS for EUR 7.99 a month. SIM cards cost EUR 9.99 and are available at over 140 own-brand stores and other outlets, including the controversial ‘Simbox’ dispensing machines.


ROAMING – Your iliad offer at € 7.99 / Month is also valid in Europe

With the iliad offer at € 7.99 / Month, in Europe you have unlimited minutes and SMS + 4 GB dedicated

Among the best Iliad promotions to choose from to call and surf on vacation, there is undoubtedly the limited edition Iliad Giga 120 offer, available at a cost of 9.99 euros per month and which, where available, allows you to connect to the network 5G.

The promotion includes:

– 120 Giga of Internet per month in Italy;
– unlimited minutes and SMS to fixed and mobile numbers both in Italy and in Europe in roaming;
– 6 Giga of traffic in roaming Europe;
– unlimited minutes to international fixed and mobile numbers in more than 60 foreign destinations.
– Among the services included in the promotion there are also Call me back, Hotspot, No connection fee, Rate plan, Residual credit check, Voicemail, Number portability.

Countries included in Iliad Italia roaming

Germany, French Antilles, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia,  France,  Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, French Guiana, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mayotte, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic,  Romania, United Kingdom Saint Pierre and Miquelon , Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden. Iliad Italia roaming

Beyond the 5GB dedicated in Europe, you will pay a surcharge of 0.00366 EUR / MB. Once the national offer has been completed, the consumer rates you find on the Prices Brochure will be applied.
Iliad adopts the following correct use policies, which you are required to comply with in order to avoid surcharges:

(i) stable bond with Italy: if required, you will be able to demonstrate their usual residence in Italy, or have other ties involving stable your frequent and consistent presence in the Italian territory;

(ii) Monitoring of traffic and presence in roaming: iliad will be able to monitor, with objective indicators and for a period of at least 4 months, that your presence on the Italian territory is prevalent compared to that in Europe, and that your data traffic in roaming does not exceed half of the total traffic carried out.

Any use that does not comply with the parameters indicated above will result in the application of the surcharges provided for by the regulations.

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