Iliad installs SIMbox’s in 20 more Italian stores

Iliad has continued to expand its distribution network throughout Italy by installing automatic SIM card dispensing machines in around 20 more stores throughout the country, reports Mondo Mobile Web.


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The operator has extended its distribution partnership with supermarket chains Unieuro and Carrefour and set up the distribution machines – dubbed ‘Simbox’ – in stores located all over Italy as well as in Rome’s Fiumicino airport and Bologna airport, said the report.

Simboxes allow users to activate a new  iliad SIM card in combination with the offers currently on the market:  iliad Giga 50 with 50 Giga, unlimited minutes and SMS at  7.99 euros  per month,  iliad Giga 40 with 40 Giga, unlimited minutes and SMS to  6.99 euros per month or to iliad Voice with 40 Mega, unlimited minutes and SMS to  4.99 euros  per month.

The  activation fee,  payable only by  credit card  Visa and Mastercard, or by  prepaid card  (Post Pay, ATM, etc.), including the cost of a new SIM Iliad (9.99 euro) to add the price of the first month advanced for a total cost of 17.98 euros  for Giga 50,  16.98 euros  for Giga 40 and  14.98 euros  for Voice.


Specifically, they have added a score of corner Iliad located in stores  Unieuro of Fiumicino Airport (Via 320 AIRPORT Fiumicino, Rome); Rome Marconi (Viale Guglielmo Marconi 133, Rome); Reggio Emilia (Viale Martiri di Piazza Tien An Men 2); Modena  (Via Emilia Est 750); Ferrara  (Via Bologna 461); Muggia (Via Flavia di Stramare); Gravellona Toce  (Via Stampa); Udine (Via Antonio Bardelli 4, Martignacco); Oderzo (Via Maestri del Commercio); Pederobba (Via Feltrina 45);Silea  (Via Eroi di Podrute 3/5); Trebaseleghe (Via Malcanton 40); Mirano Ball (Via Stazione 80); Selvazzano (Via Padova 113); Monselice (Via Cristoforo Colombo 79); Castenedolo (Via Beato L. Pavoni 9); Oriocenter (Via Portico 71, Orio al Serio); Porta Nuova (Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 53, Turin); Camporosso (Via Turistica 3) and Imperia (Via Nazionale 373).

Furthermore, compared to the previous list, an iliad corner was installed inside the Carrefour Express Bologna Airport (Via del Triumvirato 84, Bologna) and the OrioCenter shopping center (Via Portico 71, Bergamo), where there is also another corner at inside the Unieuro sales point.

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