Iliad installs 129 SIM card machines in Unieuro stores

Iliad Italia has continued to expand its distribution network throughout Italy and has now installed a total of 129 automatic SIM card dispensing machines in the stores of supermarket chain Unieuro.


In a statement, the operator said it has installed machines in 87 Unieuro stores this year, from Gravellona Toce and Udine in the north of Italy to Gela in the south. The Simboxes, the vending machines through which iliad has strongly innovated the distribution in Italy and that allow to subscribe an iliad offer in a few minutes by activating a SIM, will be available at numerous Unieuro stores throughout Italy

The placement of Simboxes in Unieuro stores allows all interested parties to purchase an Iliad SIM and activate it with video identification , through a guided procedure that allows obtaining the card in a few minutes. At the end of the registration, the customer must pay a first payment  (which includes the first month of the offer and the cost of the new SIM) by Visa, MasterCard or prepaid card.


Therefore, the expansion in the territory continues, which currently sees 14 iliad stores and more than 200 corners  at large retail stores and shopping malls for a total of  over 700 Simboxes throughout Italy. Also increasing the customer base, in the third quarter of 2019, saw 700,000 new customers , compared with 530,000 in the second quarter and 472,000 in the first, according to a statement by the operator, proud of the fact that about 4.5 million people will they are united with the #Rivolution and  less than a year and a half after entering the market.

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