Iliad Stancer payment services app

Iliad expands Stancer payment services for businesses with new app online shops

Iliad expands Stancer payment services for businesses with new apps, and online shops. French group Iliad is expanding its range of financial services for business customers, first launched last year under the Stancer brand. Iliad Stancer payment services app

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Stancer is offering merchants a new app to facilitate their payment processing. Through this app, they can:

– process their customers’ payments quickly and securely via a payment link
– manage and track their business from their dashboard
– have one-click access to the list of payments made

Developed in-house and running on iOS, the Stancer app has an intuitive interface and seamless navigation so users can get the most out of Stancer’s services. Available on iPhone, it can be downloaded from the App Store.


The online store service: subscription-free and non-binding

Stancer is continuing to break the codes of payment by offering merchants the possibility of creating their own online store in just a few clicks and completely free of charge.
For this service, Stancer uses the Prestashop platform, the leading e-commerce solution in Europe and Latin America. In the space of a few minutes, merchants can set up their own e-commerce site, which is delivered ready to use with the Stancer payment system integrated and can quickly and easily start selling their products online.

“To help merchants go digital, we’ve developed a turnkey solution that meets their payment needs and gives them online visibility. They can now create their own e-commerce in just a few clicks thanks to this online store service,” explains George Owen, CEO of Stancer.

Management of subscriptions and recurring payments Iliad Stancer payment services app 

Stancer is now offering its clients the option to manage subscriptions for those who, for example, bill subscriptions to a service with recurring payments. The major advantage of this solution is the automation of subscription management, which reduces the risk of manual error. The customer experiences an easy, seamless payment process, and the merchant saves time. Available via API and soon also in the online client account space, this solution helps to improve companies’
cash flow thanks to regular, foreseeable payments.
Stancer is an effective tool for merchants and small businesses to optimize the management of their recurring payments, offer an enhanced customer experience and strengthen their cash flows.


About Stancer

Created in 2018 as a subsidiary of the iliad Group, Stancer is a fintech licensed by the ACPR to operate as a payment institution. Stancer turns payment integration and management into a simple, accessible and transparent experience for businesses. StancerPay is the first in a long suite of technological solutions aimed at making merchants’ lives easier.


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