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The new IKEA app recreates 3D versions of your home so you can test furniture and decor

IKEA already has an augmented reality app that lets you test furniture in your home, but the Swedish company’s latest solution lets you recreate three-dimensional versions of your home to adjust everything in a virtual environment.  ikea 3d app

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With IKEA Kreativ you can get a 3D version of any room and apply three-dimensional models of IKEA furniture in order to have an overview of how they would look in your home.

To use the app , you’ll have to start by scanning the room you want to remodel. The software makes use of a system called Kreativ Scene Scanner, powered by the iPhone’s LiDAR , which means that the app doesn’t work as well with models that don’t have this sensor.

You’ll need an iPhone with a LIDAR scanner to get the best from the app:

  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max

In these cases, it is necessary to upload a series of photographs of the division in the app. These are then joined and processed into a wide and interactive plan that replicates the space on a realistic and faithful scale. From there, you can dispose of your furniture and redecorate the room with new virtual models. When you’re satisfied, you can share your ideas with friends and family and add pieces to your IKEA shopping list.

For the exercise, IKEA launched 50 fully decorated three-dimensional spaces where you can get inspiration. The models allow you to make small adjustments with other pieces of the brand, changing, rotating, moving and stacking furniture. ikea 3d app

The app is the latest technological solution from the Swedish giant that, in recent years, has made some investments of the kind, both with apps and equipment (connected speakers, smart lighting systems, wireless chargers, etc.).

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