Iceland, Ireland and Switzerland with most expensive internet in the Europe, UAE in the world

The five most expensive are Mauritania, Papua New Guinea, Namibia, Laos and Paraguay

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Ever wondering who has the most expensive internet?  Sub-Saharan Africa is the most expensive region in the world with almost all of the region’s states in the most expensive half of the table. Réunion is the cheapest in the region, coming in 48th overall with an average package price of $35.45.

In western EuropeItalyFranceGermany, Monaco and the UK are the countries with the cheapest internet. Notably, of the 29 qualifying countries in western Europe, none made it into the top or bottom 10% of the table.

Eastern Europe is a different story. All countries in the region fall into the top 50 countries with the cheapest internet. Additionally, four of the cheapest are found in former USSR (Commonwealth of Independent States / CIS) countries including Russia itself.

Comparing to the rest of the world, Europe internet prices are significantly lower.

In the Top Ten most expensive internet countries in the world are three from Europe:

Iceland, Ireland and Switzerland.


United Arab Emirates internet users are paying the highest rates in the world.

Sri Lanka has the cheapest broadband in Asia (as well as second-cheapest globally) with an average package price of $5.65 per month, followed by Iran ($8.20) and Nepal ($16.47). The Maldives ($81.55), Brunei Darussalam ($123.29) and Laos ($239.25) are the most expensive in Asia.

In North AmericaCanada has the cheapest average broadband ($57.66), ranking 22 places above the US ($67.69). Bermuda has the most expensive internet in the region at $124.36 per month.

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