Ice criticises high contract termination penalties on Norwegian corporate mobile market

Mobile Challenger Ice mobilizes to combat charges and complicated terms that they believe locks business customers - terms that they themselves think they are forced to have. Telenor Norway boss also believes it should be easier for corporate customers to switch operators

Ice Norway has criticised high contract termination penalties prevailing in the enterprise mobile communications market, in an article on the portal.


Ice sales director Shiraz Abid said the standard cancellation fee is NOK 3,000 but that Ice had come across one at NOK 8,000. He said as not all Ice’s traffic runs on its own network yet, an outlay of NOK 3,000 is rather a lot.
While Telia and Telenor are more equal in the private market, Telenor is the undisputed king of the corporate market, with a market share of 63 percent of the number of subscriptions to Telia and Phoneros totaling 29.9 percent. Ice, on the other hand, increased from 2.6 to 2.8 percent market share in the corporate market in the first half, according to recent figures from the National Communications Authority.
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