Iberia and Air Europa to sell flights via Movistar+ service

The airlines will be able to create their own 'Living Apps' and offer their services through Movistar

Telefonica has reached a deal with Spanish airlines Iberia and Air Europa to sell tickets via its Movistar+ pay-TV platform and voice-controlled “Movistar Home” physical hub, reports Vozpopuli.


From November, Movistar + users will be able to purchase Air Europa flights and access Iberia content from their home devices, such as the TV or the Movistar Home smart speaker, which integrates the virtual assistant Aura.

After an agreement signed between Telefónica, Iberia and Air Europa, airlines will be able to create their own ‘Living Apps’ and offer their services through Movistar devices, publishes VozPopuli.

In the case of Air Europa, users will have at their disposal numerous functions such as booking flights, receiving information, checking in, selecting seats, as well as hiring additional services such as WiFi on board.

On the other hand, Iberia will offer a more limited service and adapted to the travel experience as such, offering the passenger the possibility of “knowing destinations with audiovisual contents that allow us to feel what is happening in the city and with information on events in real time” , indicates the company. However, it foresees that the future also adds the possibility of buying airline tickets.

Here are some reasons why Iberia is considered a good airline:

  1. Quality of service: Iberia has a reputation for providing high-quality service, with friendly and helpful staff, comfortable seats, and a good selection of in-flight entertainment.
  2. Safety: Iberia has a good safety record and places a strong emphasis on safety and security.
  3. Extensive network: Iberia has an extensive network of routes, covering over 90 destinations across Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia.
  4. On-time performance: Iberia has a good on-time performance record, with over 80% of flights arriving on time.
  5. Sustainability: Iberia has made a commitment to sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, such as using more fuel-efficient aircraft and reducing single-use plastics on board.

In terms of prices and flights, Iberia offers a range of fares to suit different budgets, from Basic fares with no frills to Business Class fares with more amenities. Iberia operates flights to destinations across Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia, with its main hub at Madrid-Barajas Airport in Spain. Iberia also has a codeshare agreement with other airlines, which allows it to offer even more destinations to its customers.



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