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Hungary media regulator to focus on roaming charges

Regulations on roaming and fixed-term contracts will be monitored by the National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH) in this year’s oversight plan, according to gazdasagportal.hu.

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As in previous years, the service provider’s penalty management processes will also be in focus this year.

Hungary roaming charges

The good news is that last year’s EU call price reduction directive for international calls has been properly applied by domestic operators. The NMHH continuously monitors the compliance of the electronic communications and postal service providers with the applicable legislation in their operation and practice.

In its annual monitoring plan, the authority has identified areas of investigation that the NMHH will focus on as a result of previous years’ experience, such as market developments and complaints to the authority.

This year, the NMHH will pay particular attention to whether mobile service providers comply with the EU roaming regulation’s charging rules, that is, informing subscribers on the rules of travel during their journey and providing them with the means to protect themselves from an unexpected high bill, such as through an SMS notification, gazdasagportal.hu explains.

Telenor Hungary roaming numbers

Following the pattern between the summer of 2017 and 2018, Hungarian Telenor customers had the highest mobile internet usage in Germany, Austria, Italy, and France in the past 12 months. Croatia finished fifth on Telenor’s EU roaming top list, followed by the United Kingdom.

Summer and winter mobile data usage is much more evenly spread in Germany and in Austria, while Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and Croatia show a much higher level of seasonality. In these countries, the data traffic of Telenor customers declines heavily during the winter months. Of all EU countries, Telenor customers had the lowest usage in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia which is not surprising given that these countries are less frequented by Hungarian tourists.

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