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Huawei users’ travel videos pull in 6M views on Instagram

Recently, a group of cool and influential Huawei users showed us how to hit the road with Petal Maps and Petal Search. The goal was simple: create and film a unique Petal Journey and let your creativity flow! Some influencers even went a step further, and used Petal Clip to edit their videos. huawei videos

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A group of 33 skillful Instagrammers  from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland,  Romania and  Turkey was invited to join the adventure. Equipped with their Huawei phones, they created engaging Instagram reels and stories. The video content showed how Petal Maps and Search comes  in handy no matter where you are. From vintage shopping in Milan and sightseeing in Berlin to camping in Turkey, Petal services are here to guide you. The videos were viewed by almost 6 million Instagram fans, because who doesn’t like a nice trip?


While each of the influencers represents a different lifestyle, one thing was prevalent across their Petal Journeys. These apps proved to be a great fit in their day-to-day life. No matter if you’re a fashionista, backpacker or a busy parent (or all the above!) you’ll find these useful. Need to know where to eat tonight? Petal Search it! Need to find inspiration on what to wear? Petal Search it! Need to figure out how to get somewhere without a traffic? Petal Map it!

Just like the Instagrammers, you can enjoy a full range of features Petal Maps and Search has to offer. Real-time route planning, offline maps, nearby services and visual search which is particularly fantastic for sightseeing, landmarks and shopping. No matter if you’re in a big city, or find yourself in the middle of nowhere, these apps have got you covered.

Petal Maps and Petal Search are designed with its users in mind, so why not give it a try today?


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